Plan of the Garden

This drawing is to scale. I used SketchUp 8.


Rain Stops Play

Rain stops play... such is life in this country. Just when you get ahead of those jobs you have to do in  the garden, it then starts raining. Not that I'm complaining though, because it gives me a break from watering what plants I've got growing. The garden is raised to a height of 2 feet from the level of the patio, the trouble is the wall that holds back the earth  is made with pathing slabs by a previous tenant of the house, and over time this wall has tipped over by the weight of the earth pushing it over about 30 degrees  I hated seeing it like that , SO, having some time on my hands now the plants are in, I spent yesterday and today removing the earth from behind the slabs and pushing them back. I've anchored each slab to each other with metal strip screwed to each slab in turn starting from the steps which lead up to the garden. The first slab is fixed to another slab which is 90 degree of this slab along the edge, this is the slab that runs along-side the steps. Talking of steps leading up to the garden, I've been replacing them as well with new concrete steps (just had a txt from my dad...he said hurry up), that's when it started raining... I poured the first step in after spending ages constructing a framework for the concrete and it starts raining... typical.

Because I, with Daniels help, had dug the garden to a fine tilth, it had become a cat's paradise.

It took only one day for a cat to do it's business in it.
So after some research, I purchased 5 Scaredy Cat (Coleus Canina) plants.
Scaredy Cat is the best way to banish unwanted cats from your garden. 
The foliage gives off a scent which cats hate but does not affect humans.
This is the best way to get rid of cats. I've had them in the garden for a week now and I haven't seen any evidence of a cat.
I Just planted them in separate pots (they can go in borders as well) and I've hopefully banish cats for good!
Coleus Canina are annuals, so to keep them for more than one year I'll need to bring them inside or take cuttings from them in the autumn.

I've taken some pictures to show you what I mean.


Cheap Car

I got me a cheap car.

£250 off eBay.
£240 Comprehensive Insurance
£140 Car Tax
65 MPG

OK it's not a flashy car but now I can drive with goods from A to B at a minimal cost and with relatively little effort.
It all started with an interest in getting a moped to get around cheaply without relaying on public transport, but as described in an earlier post, I was disappointed about the cost of the insurance for me on something as miniscule as a 49cc engine. The cheapest insurance premium I could get was £275 TPFT for a 49cc moped, absolute daylight robbery if you ask me. 
Well I took another approach to the problem after talking to the insurance agent when I was inquiring about the 49cc moped, on how insurance companies work out their premiums  Known vehicles have insurance groups, groups with the lowest figure tends to be cheap on their insurance premiums.
I then searched the internet for information about which cars got which groups. I eventually found this Link, the link will take you to http://www.insurancespot.co.uk/car/other.php. I studied most of them and aiming for groups one and two, comparing my research with what was on eBay, fate brought me to the car I am now the owner of and is a group two vehicle. It would be interesting to know what the price of my policy would be if it was a group one vehicle.
It's in pretty good condition for it's age, there are some trivial issues that have to be addressed from what I was told from the seller and what I have discovered when driving it back home but nothing I can't handle.
I am also on the understanding that because of its age it won't be long and it would be under the category of a classic car which entitles me to use classic car insurance. I am lead to believe that classic car insurance is even cheaper than standard car insurance, but it's still a grey area on what warrants a classic car for insurance companies so the jury is still out on what the future holds for this car.



Pet Scam!

Nearly a victim of a pet scam!
I'm going to provide as much information as I can to warn others of this scam. 

So, let write about this scam that we were nearly a victim of.
To start with, the Mrs (Linda) wants to breed puppies, teacup Yorkshire terriers.
We already have a female toy yorkshire terrier, so Linda has been scouting around for a male toy yorkshire terrier puppy.
Well, she found one, actual a pair of puppies a male and female, £300 for the pair.
So Linda contacted the sell via the Free-Ads website, asking if the seller would consider parting with just the male pup.
Yes, came the reply at a cost of £180. and supplied pictures.

Linda noted on the ad that they would deliver the puppies anywhere in the UK, so asked if they would deliver the male puppy. This is where their sob story began.
The seller had said to Linda that his wife (who was from Ireland) had died and the puppies had belonged to his deceased wife and was selling because of work commitments and the puppies reminded him of her because she was the one who looked after them and it was too painful for him.
Here's the email,
To: linda********@hotmail.com
Subject: majatony replied to your message about the ad: Yorkshire Terriers Puppy
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2013 12:45:50 +0100
From: 01.2675907.1746813@email.freeads.co.uk

so much for the mail of interest regards the puppies we
have. We have one male and one female puppies now available and they
are 14 weeks old, they have very good temperament with kids and other
pets,very playful love to play around with toys and kids,they are
health guaranteed and KC registered......they are up to date on all
their shots and they will be coming along side with their health
papers and vet records......First i which to let you know that we are
given these puppies out because my Wife just died. She was
the one taking very good care of the babies but she is now more
and more to that my job take much of my time and traveling ,so i have no time
to take very good care of the babies . Since she is now late , We
can't keep the puppies here in such condition because each time
we see
them , we keep thinking of her ....So we want to given them out to a
lovely and caring home ,where they can be treated as such and keep us
up dated on monthly progress....So we are so much concern about their
welfare ,we need to have an assurance that they are going to a lovely home so,
Where are you located?
Send Me Your Email address ?
Do you have any kids ?
Have you ever own a pet before ?
Have you ever own this breed of puppy before?
How soon do you need the puppy over?
Which sex are you interested on?
Sorry for all the question , but we just want
to be sure that the puppies will be going into the right home and they
will be having all the love and attention they need .
We are given them out for £180 each and £300 for both nothing more.
contact us back for more details of the puppies and more pictures on
the sex you are interested on

Call me on 07036 220623

He said the puppies were located in the West Midlands near Birmingham and there would be a fee to deliver them as he would be unavailable due to traveling to Ireland for his wife's funeral. Not to be insensitive to his plight,  Linda agreed to pay the fee's to a delivery company he had organized to complete the whole transaction.
Somebody from the delivery company (uship pets delivery) then contacted Linda to arrange delivery but requested the funds via Western Union using the following information.

Please note that the images used in this email are from their original locations, so giving time they may vanish.

Date: Sat, 13 Apr 2013 05:52:57 -0700
From: uship_pets_delivery@yahoo.com
Subject: Re: Pending Delivery Notification Of Your Male Yorkshire Terrier Puppy
To: linda*************@hotmail.com
To Whom It May Concern

        Dear Client

               Accept greeting from U-ship costumer service.  

We write to inform you about the shipment for your  
.The following CONFIDENTIAL information below is to inform you that the Transportation Safety Administration establishing that you are a person known by U-ship Pet Carrier, LLC and MUST be received by a minimum of 1 days prior to shipment.

Name of Shippers: _______Emile Kelly
Email Address:_______cyuthiaemile1@gmail.com>
Street Address: ______ Londonderry BT47 6AH
City / Town: ________________Londonderry 

Name of Consignee / Receiver: ____________linda *******

 Street Address: _____Our Address
City / Town: ________________________************
Post-code: _______________________SK** *BZ
Country: _____________________________ United Kingdom
Email: ___________
Phone: _______________________07580000000 / 01000000000

Shipped From: ________________
Shipped To: _____
Breed:________________________ ___Yorkshire Terrier Puppy
Age: ____________________________14 weeks old

Which Sex_______________________Male 

Vet’s Name: ______________John Coulter
Clinic/Hospital: ____________John Coulter local clinic
E-Mail: ___________________hummy_123@ yahoo.com
City / Town: ____________Londonderry



NAME:......................... ..NGALAH   REYMOND  MANFRED
TOWN: .........................YAOUNDE
COUNTRY : ..................CAMEROON
ZIP CODE:..................... 00237
ANSWER: .......................TONY?

Directives in simple words

You have to copy down the details to be used for Western Union transfer on a paper and take the details to the Western Union store together with the money in cash and when you get there,tell the cashier on board to give you the Western Union sending form once the form is handed over to you fill in the receiver information on the form together with your own information as the sender and once you are done in filling the form with all the details pass over the form back to the cashier together with the money in cash and once the money is transferred the money transfer receipt will be provided to you and on that receipt you shall fine an 10 digit code on the receipt called the (MTCN) Numbers and that will be the numbers we need together with the senders first and second names so that we will be able to collect the money.
Copy the address below to locate Western Union store at your locality.

There were 3 address provided here

As soon as the funds are transferred via Western Union  make sure you e-mail us back with the 10 digit (MTCN) numbers and the senders first and second names so that we will confirm the reservation and delivery payment for your puppies.

The United Kingdom Department of Agriculture requires that all animals must have adequate room to stand up, lie down, sit and turn around in the crate. Water and food dispensers must also be provided. The Shipper agrees to furnish two containers/dispensers that meet UKDA requirements. Notwithstanding, Pet Air Carrier, LLC (PAC), its employees and agents, reserve the right to modify such dispensers in order to meet UKDA standards and/or any Transportation Company used in the shipment process. In such event the Shipper shall be responsible for all costs of such modification. Shipper hereby authorizes PAC to charge such costs to the credit card described above.Shipper understands and agrees that once PAC or its agents deliver the animal(s) to the Air Transportation Company (Airline), PAC or its agents have no further liability to the Shipper for delays caused for any reason, or and negligence on the part of the Airline in shipping or delivering the animal(s). Shipper shall look solely to the Airline for such liability and/or damages, if any. In the event of any delays in shipping, Shipper shall be responsible for the additional costs of boarding, medical treatment, fees and assessments, and any other expenses.
Shipper agrees that the Airline and PAC or its agents will not be liable for any loss, damage or expenses arising from death of any animal(s) due to natural causes, or injury of any animal(s) caused by conduct or acts of the animal itself or any other person(s) or animals in the shipping process, except for gross negligence on the part of the Airline. In the event of gross negligence, the Shipper shall look solely to the Airlines for such liability.PAC shall not be liable to the Shipper for any loss or damages to the animals(s), or any damages caused by the animal(s) while the animal(s) is/are under the supervision and care of the Airline. The carrier will not be liable for death, injury or loss to an animal attendant caused or contributed to by the condition, conduct or act of animals. PAC and attendants will not be liable for death, injury, or loss caused or contributed to by the conditions, or nature of the animal itself.


U-ship Pet Moving Customer Service
Representative of Livestock Corporation
E-mail: uship_pets_delivery@yahoo.com
CALL TEL +447055124630
This electronic message is meant to communicate information to our valued customers. It does not  supersede our Order Acknowledgment and the terms and conditions contained there in. Therefore, please  reference your Order Acknowledgment for exact scope of supply, terms and conditions and delivery information. Please verify any required changes to your order on our Order Acknowledgment.


Well this email didn't look right to me so I did a little digging.
Not only that but shortly before receiving this email, Linda received another email.from Freeads informing her of the termination of the advert with the seller.
Looking at the ad once more we see this,

Having seen seller removed I dig a little more.
These are the sellers.


And I Googled uship pets delivery and found
This Link About Uship

The delivery company even phoned Linda to convince her to use the payment method supplied with the email... The number he used is +177768398004.

Linda then received this email,
Date: Sat, 13 Apr 2013 15:18:26 +0100
Subject: Re: Yorkshire Terrier Puppies -
From: cyuthiaemile1@gmail.com
To: linda********@hotmail.com

If u dont want to pay okay.Then i will go and collect my puppy back
okay.Thank u very mcuh for suffering me then whole day of today
okay.So should i go and collect the baby back? the agemcy wont accept
cash on delivery so that is why.So let me hear back from u


Seeing through the scam, Linda emailed all parties involved to provide their bank details so as to pay via bank transfer knowing that this is traceable method of payment.
She is still awaiting their reply.

I've just read the small print of the delivery company and they mention  Pet Air Carrier, LLC (PAC).
So I Googled them and found this
Also the images



appear to be just random pictures off the internet.

I wouldn't put it past the scammers grab some facebook images of some family pet puppies to show potential victims.

News Flash!!!
Linda's had a reply!

> Date: Sat, 13 Apr 2013 21:32:23 +0100
> Subject: bank account details
> From: cyuthiaemile1@gmail.com
> To: linda*********@hotmail.com
> Below are the bank account details
> - Bank name: Ecobank
> -P.o Box 582 Douala
> -Account number: 01011859797
> -Swift Code: COCCMCX
> -Country: Cameroon
> As soon as you are done with the transfer, do scan and send me the
> receipt of the transfer form by mail.
> waiting to read from you.

I thought his name was NGALAH REYMOND MANFRED


My Perpetual Motion Machine Idea.

Just something that I have been pondering about.

This is a Kelvin water dropper, invented by Lord Kelvin in 1867, it's a type of electrostatic generator. Kelvin referred to the device as his water-dropping condenser. The apparatus is sometimes called the Kelvin hydroelectric generator, the Kelvin electrostatic generator, or Lord Kelvin's thunderstorm. The device uses falling water drops to generate voltage differences by using positive feedback and the electrostatic induction occurring between interconnected, oppositely charged systems. This is my adaptation of the Kelvin water dropper with a twist, ala John Bedini style. I have built several of John Bedini's devices with success. The Bedini devices work on the principle of charging batteries in a unique way, this involves high voltage energy. This Bedini energy, if I can call it that description is different from the norm in that it has a similarity to electrostatic energy. This energy is then dumped into a normal 12v lead acid battery, the battery then converts this energy it into usable power. As you can see from the image above, the water is recaptured and pumped back up to the top reservoir using the power of the charging battery.


I've been considering purchasing a moped.

I've been considering purchasing a moped. Cheap to run, 100mpg, cheap tax, £17 per year, cheap insurance ... well that's what I thought. When I left school in 1980 my first moped was a Honda SS50, the insurance for that was £23.50 per year t.p.f.f. A few years later I had a Honda C50, my insurance for that was £23.50 per year. Around 2001 I enquired what my insurance would be for a moped, ... it was £23.50 per year. I got a quote today for insurance on a moped that I had my eye on that was on EBay .... £275... I'm left wondering what the hell happened. I feel disheartened of the injustice that I have received, I have had vehicle insurance all my adult life and I've never made a claim and this is the thanks I get, insurance companies penalising an honest, careful driver. Give me back my £23.50 a year policy and if on the unlikely event that I make a claim on my insurance, then put my insurance up to £275 a year.


Gardening today

I've had a good day in the garden today. I couldn't do it without Danny's help. He turned over the whole garden for me. I couldn't do it by myself, it would've killed me, or at least it would've taken me an age to dig up the garden, the state of my back being what it is. I knackered my self out just raking the ground. I planted a row of peas today.